Management Plans

We structure and create management plans which are accessible, working documents.  These can be produced in a variety of formats to suit the particular project or site  These include:

  • Site management plans for nature conservation
  • Multi-purpose forest management plans
  • Recreation and interpretive management plans
  • Single species management plans
  • Woodland appraisal plans

In the case of site management plans for nature conservation, conservation benefits can be fully integrated with other aspects of site management where required, such as recreation provision or opportunities for income generation.  Previous experience in the conservation management of UK habitats including woodland, grassland, heathland, wetland, urban and moorland, together with interpretive planning and recreation management, informs these aspects of our work.

For site owners or managers, we can undertake walkover surveys and management appraisals, with outputs including compartment and/or habitat mapping, information on habitat structure and species composition, identification of valuable habitats and features and outline management recommendations.  Recent examples of such work include the preparation of woodland appraisal reports for

We also provide species-specific management plans for the delivery of nature conservation benefits, Biodiversity Action Plan targets, or integrated with ecological mitigation such as the translocation of protected species.  Advice and management planning to enhance the value of woodlands for bats or the Hazel Dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius) are two such examples.