Bat surveys

Bat loft inspections

Fully licensed, professional and competitively priced bat surveys

Licensed bat surveyors and tree climbers provide a comprehensive range of bat surveys throughout Shropshire, the West Midlands, Wales and the UK, including:

  • bat scoping surveys of sites, buildings and trees;
  • climbed bat inspections of trees by experienced, qualified tree climbers;
  • internal/external inspections of buildings with bat roosting potential;
  • emergence/re-entry surveys of buildings and trees;
  • automated bat surveys; and
  • activity surveys to identify patterns of bat foraging & commuting activity.

The experience and equipment to deliver

We employ the very latest technology, including state-of-the-art bat detectors, top quality optical inspection cameras, DNA analysis, digital mapping software and sound processing, enabling us to deliver excellent analysis and clear presentation of survey findings.  Where bat constraints are identified, our recommendations draw on extensive practical experience of appropriate mitigation and management, rooted in a sound understanding of the different ecological requirements of particular species.

Bats and trees – common sense, integrated solutions 

Combining specialisms in both ecology and arboriculture allows us to deliver sensible, integrated advice where protected species legislation and public safety concerns coincide, saving our clients time, money and confusion! Where trees contain cavities, this may make them unsafe, but also may provide a potential or actual roost site for bats. Conflicting advice is frequently given to clients by arborists and ecologists, reflecting public safety or conservation principles respectively.  We give you considered, pragmatic advice founded in a combination of established tree hazard assessment best practice and strong bat conservation and mitigation.

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