Dormouse surveys

Bramble is an important Dormouse food source

Our experienced staff carry out dormouse surveys throughout Shropshire, the West Midlands, Wales and the UK. Where required, surveys for dormice are complemented by a sensible, pragmatic approach to mitigation which draws on extensive practical and strategic woodland management expertise, as well as habitat creation, translocation & restoration schemes.

Legal protection and habitat preferences

The Hazel Dormouse is a European Protected Species (EPS) whose numbers and distribution range have declined by at least half during the last 100 years. The Dormouse is principally associated with broad-leaved woodland, species-rich hedgerows and scrub, though it also occurs in other habitats including gardens and coniferous woodland. The legislative protection afforded to dormice means that their presence within a site may constitute a material consideration in the planning process – specific impact avoidance, mitigation or compensation measures may need to be developed where impacts are expected.

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