BS5837 tree survey, arboricultural impact assessment & method statements

BS5837 Tree Survey & Tree Reports for planning and development

We are specialists in undertaking BS5837 tree surveys and providing high quality tree reports for planning and development purposes. We deliver comprehensive tree surveys, impact assessments and method statements in accordance with BS5837:2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction — recommendations.’

With extensive knowledge of the planning system in relation to trees, our tree surveys are backed up by CAD mapping and clear, concise reporting. Tree data is presented in a range of tabular formats to aid the design and decision-making process and assist in the prioritisation of any recommended tree works.

Integrating trees and wildlife — essential and cost-effective

As a professional arboricultural and ecological consultancy employing licensed bat workers, we can also offer our clients combined BS5837 tree surveys and Bat Scoping Surveys where required. This provides a one-stop-shop for trees and ecology which avoids conflicts of interest and delivers significant savings.

Impact Assessments and Method Statements that work

Our Arboricultural Impact Assessments and Method Statements draw on latest research, strong professional practice and a strong track record of planning successes. We deliver robust assessments and sensible, cost-effective mitigation measures, where required, to ensure the successful retention or integration of trees into both large and small-scale developments.

Delivering value and success through experience

Our knowledge and the solutions we offer are very competitively priced but thorough, designed to ensure successful planning outcomes. They draw on an exceptional diversity of project management and delivery, including tree surveys, consultancy and tree reports for

  • residential and industrial developments of all sizes;
  • highways and major infrastructure schemes;
  • local developments in areas of high conservation value; and
  • national flagship projects such as the Mayor of London’s Central London Cycle Hire Scheme (TfL).

We work closely with planners, architects, engineers and Tree Officers to achieve successful, innovative designs where trees form an integral part of the future value of any project. This helps us to deliver the bestr possible result every time.

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